Blue Mesa Photography

123 Akard Ave.

Montrose, CO 81401

(970) 249-2771


We offer an extremely comprehensive, 4½ hour photography class designed for anyone who would like to improve their photographic skills. It has been very well received during the past 3 years. We use a "Power Point" video presentation with a large screen video monitor for presentation clarity.

I sincerely believe you will be extremely satisfied with this class & it will dramatically improve your photography. It is designed for both beginning & intermediate students using either "point & shoot" or more advanced SLR (single lens reflex) cameras. One point we stress is that one does not need to spend a lot of money on advanced equipment to take beautiful photos. Modern cameras are capable of taking far better pictures than than most people realize. I have taught professionally for over 40 years!


As demand warrants, we may expand classes to include more advanced topics, including use of off camera flash & basic "Lightroom" & "Photoshop" post processing classes.


Call for more information or to schedule a class.

(970) 249-2771

Gift Certificates Available

 Instructor has taught professionally for over 40 years!

Price: Only $50.00

With a two student minimum, I will schedule a class just about anytime!

Please call to schedule a class! Two student minimum.

Saturday classes begin @ 8:00 A.M.

Sunday classes begin @ 1:00 P.M.


Directions to our Classroom/Studio


From the South on Hwy 550


Watch for the first stop light as you enter town. Proceed 1½ miles and turn left (West) onto Columbia Way at stoplight. (If you turn right at this intersection you will be on 12th. St. Proceed two blocks on Columbia Way to Akard Ave. and turn left (South). Proceed about 150 yards to blue house on left. (123 Akard Ave.)


From the East on Hwy 50


At first stop light, turn left onto Hillcrest Ave. Proceed to four way stop at Hillcrest and Sunnyside Ave. Turn right and continue to stop light. Proceed across Townsend Ave. (Hwy 550) onto Columbia Way. Proceed two blocks and turn left onto  Akard Ave. Proceed about 150 yards and watch for blue house on left. (123 Akard Ave.)


From North on Hwy 50


 At the main intersection in town (Hwy 50 and 550) continue South 12 blocks to stoplight  Watch for Vectra Bank & Bank of the West, and turn right onto Columbia Way. Proceed two blocks to Akard Ave. and turn left. Proceed about 150 yards & look for blue house on left. (123 Akard Ave.)